Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the free analysis service which tracks statistics for search engine optimisation (SEO) and for marketing. It also allows you to make reports of visitors who visited your stores. These reports also help you to work for marketing as well. Anyone can use this service with the help of Google account.Google Analytics is very recommendable to use in your website to make it more popular. It is suitable for both small and medium sized websites. With Google Analytics, administrators can easily analysis the flow of traffic on their website. Main feature of Google Analytics is that it provides many advantages to e-commerce websites and makes websites better.

There are many features of Google Analytics which includes data visualization tools, in which you can see the changes of data in motion charts, dashboard and scorecards. You can make the customized reports and segmentation for analysis of subsets. There is option of email-based sharing and communication which you can integrate with other Google products including Website Optimizer, Public Data Explorer and AdWords. Some experts who checked the security and privacy of Google Analytics raised the issues that the privacy is secured or not. With the help of Google Analytics Dashboard, users can easily collect the details of people who are linked with social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Google Analytics is also used for mobile application which provides you information about your products available on mobile application and desktop. You can also know how people were using your products on every platform. Google Analytics helps to know what the audience needs which encourage them to purchase the products or services. Traffic Sources and Visitor Flow are the tools which helps you to track the visitor’s route and from which devices they are reaching to you. These tools are very beneficial as you can easily track the visitor’s mind and also improve your experiences to meet them again.

In-Page Analytics is another tool from which you can easily assess how audience reaches our page. You can also know what they exactly want and you can enhance your marketing activities to attract more visitors to your website. Google Analytics is used to see how your marketing programs are doing to all your digital platforms. If you want to boost your sales then you can use the Google Analytics toll which helps you know the target audience or visitors mind.