Different Types of Keywords in Seo

Keywords have a very significant role in boosting the ranking of the website. Generally, it has noticed that content writers or website developers get confused when it comes to trying and figure out what to do with the keywords in their articles that they have researched.

There are a number of questions clicked in the mind of the writers and developers regarding the keywords such as:

  • What should we do with keywords as per article requirements?
  • Should we use researched keywords in same way or differently?
  • Should we try different types of keywords in the articles to promote the website?
  • How do all types of keywords work successfully work with website content?

These are some of the general questions and apart from that there are some other questions also come in the mind of website developers when they making marketing strategies with different kind of keywords.

When it comes to keyword selection, generally it has seen that two types of keywords click in the mind. One is the two word phrase and other is long tail keywords phase. Let’s discuss both the keywords individually:

Two word phrase keyword: The two word phrase is a very familiar type of keyword phrase that is quite popular in search engines. These are considered as competitive keywords that a large number of people search for the same on all search engines. That’s the main reason most of the website owners also target the same to boost their website ranking. Due to having the stiff competition on these keywords, it is not easy for search engine optimization (SEO) professional to boost the website ranking on these keywords. So, these keywords are always a part of long term strategy to boost the ranking of the website.

Long tail phrase keywords: Generally these keywords are three to five words long. These are always used at some specific point. With these long tail keywords, the competition is less and it is easier for SEO professionals to boost the ranking of the website through these keywords. These long phrase keywords can be entered into your article at any specific place making a complete sentence formation. So, whenever any internet user types long tail keywords in search engine box, your article and website always shows in top list.

So, using different kind of keywords is also a big task and boosting the website ranking through the same is even bigger.